Office Moving Tips

Take personal items such as favourite coffee cups, pictures of loved ones or personal plants home before the move or ensure they are well packed in your carton.
Ensure your packed cartons are taped securely and your label and number are correctly positioned on the carton.
When storing packed cartons before the move please stack them no more than 4 high and do not stack them in walkways or blocking fire fighting equipment or escapes.
Please ensure that all items that you have been authorised to move have been clearly labelled using the appropriate destination number and the correct colour label.
Have you made arrangements for the relocation of any leased copiers or printers as the lease owners often wish to move these themselves.
Ensure non essential staff are not on site at the commencement of the physical move for Health and Safety reasons.
Has lift lock off keys been arranged at the old and new addresses and have prepared access cards for the movers.
Have we notified other building users and/or the building manager the date we are moving in and that there maybe access delays due to a lift being used by the movers